Be customer

CompradorTo be a customer in our market it’s necessary to be a professional of flowers and plants industry -florists, gardeners, garden center managers, plant nurser, landscape gardeners, etc.- decorators and interior designers who and have paid the related taxes.

Those who were interested in being registered as a customer, they must bring to our Information office the following documents to process the customer card:

  • 1. Company registration documents.
  • 2. Passport.
  • 3. VAT borne.

The customer card includes a professional photography and It’s an accreditation to access the sales hall of the market. It costs €30.00 and has an annual expiration. It has a chip with the professional data of the customer and the expiration date.

Furthermore, there are some areas of the parking saved for customers during the sales time. To park in these areas you need to have the customer distinctive on your vehicle that will be given to you in the Information office.

Timetable of direct sales market:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8h to 13h